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Users- Terms of Use

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Partners- Terms of Use

(1) To apply as our partner, please use this form here. Upon successful completion and submitting the form, our team will take up to 3 days to process your information, please make sure to check your email as often as possible. 

(2) Please also make sure that you provide the rights details at all time. If we found that you have submitted any incorrect information, we have the rights to not list your workshop until you correct it. 

(3) You will also need to follow and abide by our “Partnership agreement” as discussed with our respective salesperson. 

Parental Guidance

(1) If you’re below the legal age as stated by your respective jurisdictions, please ensure that you’re only using this website under parental guidance or with the companion of a guardian. Wesmond reserves the right to ignore any orders or cancel any orders if we found that you have not comply with our age restrictions. 

Exchange Policy

(1) If you would like to ask for an exchange, please make sure that you have meet at least one of the ground below to be eligible for a refund or an exchange. All other grounds are not eligible for an exchange.The grounds are : 

(a) We sent the wrong products as compared to your order and the delivery address you specified

(b) The products received is damaged or defective. 

You can submit your exchange request by using the form here. You must do so within 1 month from the date of purchasing.