SP Gold Fully Synthetic SAE 5W-40 4L


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Product Description

1. Using premium group 3 as base oil & OEM performance additive provided from the USA with warranty.
2. These formulations warranty the consumer for use up to 10,000km or 5 months duration interval.
3. Viscosity index standard 160, SP Gold achieved 178. Total base numbers standard 6, SP Gold achieved 7.76.
4. Molecules are uniform and strong to protect engine from wear & tear and high pressure.
5. ISO technology contains powerful clean agents to clean engine to prolong oil life span, oil seal & oil filter.
6. Anti-oxidation allow engine to travel up to 10,000km.
7. Suitable for car model CC 1.5 & above. (Example: BMW 5 Series, Mercedes Benz E-Class, Toyota Camry, Honda Accord etc.)

Use premium engine oil to lubricate your car engine! with Wesmond, smoothen your journey!

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