Platinum Synthetic Blend SAE CI-4 15W-40 7L



Product Description

  1. Using premium Group 2 as base oil with high performance additive & ISO cleaning agent.
  2. Introduced in 2002, CI4 can be used in place of CF4, CG4 & CH4 & EGR systems [Exhaust Gas Recirculation]
  3. With ISO cleaning agent, it is able to break the soot into small pieces, protect against oil filter early blockage & prolong the oil filter life span.
  4. We always advise users to extend the oil interval up to 10,000km or 4 months. Whichever comes first.
  5. Anti-wear and tear, anti-oxidation & anti-sludge can allow the engine to travel more than 10,000km compare to other oils at only 8,000km

Use premium engine oil to lubricate your car engine! with Wesmond, smoothen your journey!

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